Around the Corner Poetry Book (Cover)


This collection of poems has developed from my jottings of thoughts and feelings of the life I’ve led.

Tina’s poetry book with illustrations, ‘Around the Corner’, tells the story of a young woman born in London – who, with the arrival of the Second World War – grew up in Brighton. The collection takes us on a journey with Tina, starting at the age of 3, just before her grandmother rescues her from being sent to a children’s home.  We follow her from Brighton to India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada and Ireland during the tumultuous 20th Century. It is a story of love for the places she lived and for the man with whom she shared them. Maybe not what she expected when she first met her future mother-in law:

There she sat,

hard, high chair.

Grim faced,


dressed in black,

smelling of cologne.


I put out my hand.


Up she got,

looked at me

and said

‘Nice girls don’t come from Brighton.’ 


Created date: 2014
Medium: Paper Back Poetry Book for sale.  ISBN 978-0-9930505-0-3
Size: 14.8 x 21 cm